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2004Caracterização aromática de castas produtoras de vinho Madeira: boal, malvazia, sercial e verdelhoCâmara, José de SousadoctoralThesisopenAccess
Jan-2012Solid phase microextraction, mass spectrometry and metabolomic approaches for detection of potential urinary cancer biomarkers: a powerful strategy for breast cancer diagnosisSilva, Catarina L.; Passos, Mário; Câmara, José de SousaarticleopenAccess
2007Classification of Boal, Malvazia, Sercial and Verdelho wines based on terpenoid patternsCâmara, José de Sousa; Alves, Maria Arminda; Marques, José CarlosarticleopenAccess
Ago-2012A sensitive microextraction by packed sorbent-based methodology combined with ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography as a powerful technique for analysis of biologically active flavonols in winesSilva, Catarina L.; Gonçalves, João L.; Câmara, José de SousaarticleopenAccess
Out-2012A new and improved strategy combining a dispersive-solid phase extraction-based multiclass method with ultra high pressure liquid chromatography for analysis of low molecular weight polyphenols in vegetablesSilva, Catarina L.; Haesen, Nathaly; Câmara, José de SousaarticleopenAccess
Jan-2011Effectiveness of different solid-phase microextraction fibres for differentiation of selected Madeira island fruits based on their volatile metabolite profile: identification of novel compoundsPereira, João; Pereira, Jorge; Câmara, José de SousaarticleopenAccess
Jun-2011New method for determination of (E)resveratrol in wine based on microextraction using packed sorbent and ultra-performance liquid chromatographyGonçalves, João; Câmara, José de SousaarticleopenAccess
Nov-2011Investigation of urinary volatile organic metabolites as potential cancer biomarkers by solid-phase microextraction in combination with gas chromatography-mass spectrometrySilva, C. L.; Câmara, José de SousaarticleopenAccess
Out-2011A fast method using a new hydrophilic–lipophilic balanced sorbent in combination with ultra-high performance liquid chromatography for quantification of significant bioactive metabolites in winesSilva, Catarina L.; Pereira, Jorge; Wouter, Van G.; Giró, Carme; Câmara, José de SousaarticleopenAccess
Fev-2008Development of a dynamic headspace solid-phase microextraction procedure coupled to GC–qMSD for evaluation the chemical profile in alcoholic beveragesRodrigues, F.; Caldeira, M.; Câmara, José de SousaarticleopenAccess